Blue Ginger Gallery

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Address 79-7391 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kealakekua, HI 96750
Art gallery in Kealakekua.

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About Blue Ginger Gallery
Blue Ginger Gallery has been home to Hawaiian style art, tropical silk paintings, prints, colorful island fashions, locally made glass, unique jewelry, pottery, and woodwork for 31 years. Jill Ami Meyers, owner of the Blue Ginger Gallery, has been hand painting original silk designs for over 35 years. Experienced With watercolor, acrylic, oils, rapidograph and mixed media for over 55 years!

Art has always been my meditation, my most colorful way of expressing my inner happiness onto a platform! These beautiful Hawaiian Islands inspire artists from around the world in many ways. I believe my art reflects a whimsical feeling, the cheerful side within myself. The many beautiful, bright colors that I use, blend together to magically create a wonderful healing experience.

I enjoy painting tropical designs and scenes from above and below the Big Island of Hawaii. My hand painted silk clothing motifs are island inspired and all one of a kind. Custom designs are always welcomed. Blue Ginger Gallery has been a fabulous avenue to share my art with tourists, locals who live here in Hawaii and outer islands who are looking to find that special gift, ‘one of a kind’, purchase or ‘just looking’ to enjoy local artisans! Meeting people from all over the world is very exciting, especially, when they mention how the Blue Ginger Gallery is their favorite shop to visit and bring their guests!

Batik cotton and rayon sarongs are hand painted with many different colorful scene’s of the Big Island of Hawaii. These are designed from Jill Ami’s hand painted original silk designs and other designers alike. All Jill Ami's images are available in custom sized prints, note cards as well as postcards! Jill Ami creates original ‘one of a kind’ paintings on silk, or watercolors, or acrylic, oils & her wooden sculpture mannequins. Jill Ami’s detailed silk paintings and beautifully executed designs, depict scenes from Kealakekua Bay, the Pele Goddess, the Volcanoes, and lush tropical nature, with underwater images from her memory and vivid imagination!

Jill Ami has painted unique designs on fabrics which then are cut up and made into one of a kind clothing. Jill Ami shares her artistic talents with the artists of Bali, Indonesia. Jill Ami paints her unique designs on fabrics, then she teaches the artists how to paint her style. Together they create an original, colorful assortment of hand painted fabric to be cut then sewn into comfortable island fashions.

Relaxed dresses, skirts and shirts are made from Jill Ami’s original fabric designs. Jill Ami is happy to represent so many wonderfully talented local artists and crafts persons, some of whom have sold their art and wares at the Blue Ginger Gallery for over 30 years. Jill Ami displays over 75 different local artisans. Jill Ami is always happy as artists allow her to exhibit their many imaginative works of art and creativity drawn from the beauty of the spirit of aloha. The artists also delight by the consistent representation they receive at the Blue Ginger Gallery.

Exceptional people choose to seek out the Blue Ginger Gallery and see what beautiful things they might find. All of the Hawaiian Islands are blessed with great ‘mana’ (or energy). It is clearly felt on the Big island of Hawaii where Kilauea Volcano has been erupting for about 32 years straight, creating the newest land on earth! Mana is alive and well on this island vortex.
I feel that art brings people together to communicate as the delightful creativity touches our souls. It feels good sharing creatively and working with other artists and artisans in almost any medium on any level.

Welcome to my Blue Ginger Gallery! Welcome to the Spirit of aloha!

Enjoy Jill Ami’s original artwork along with the many other fine local Big Island artists and their creative work, when you visit the Blue Ginger Gallery on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Bring a little aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii home with you the next time you visit the Blue Ginger Gallery! Enjoy your vacation to see the newest land on earth.
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