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Float your way to serenity in this epsom salt float tank on the southeast side of Oahu.

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Full Description
Dream Float Hawaii is one of less than a handful of float centers on the island of Oahu. They are located on the east side of the island. Co-owners Geoff Sato and Shawn Champion celebrated their grand opening in May 2015 and have had many people come in to experience floating for themselves.

Float tanks are also known as sensory deprivation or isolation tanks and have been around since 1954 and were created by Dr John C. Lilly who was a neuropsychiatrist. Dr Lilly experimented with sensory deprivation in combination with psychedelic agents. Back then, people were fully submerged and had to wear a breathing apparatus and tight clothing. Tanks today are filled with about ten inches of water and a thousand pound of Epsom salt, which increases the density of the water and allows the body to float.

Epsom salt is high in Magnesium Sulfate, which gets absorbed through the skin and is good for improving circulation, removing toxins, removing lactic acid from sore muscles, helps with sleep, and much more.

There are industry stands for cleaning the tank, but Dream Float Hawaii goes above and beyond those to make sure that the tank stays as clean as possible. After each float the water is cycled three times through a UV filter and the water is changed every six months.

The water and temperature inside the tank stays at about 93.5 degrees. This allows you to be body neutral, not knowing where the water ends and the air begins.

After being greeted by Geoff or Shawn they will answer any questions you might might have. They will then show you the float tank and give you directions about the whole process. You will be given privacy to undress and shower (being nude assures there will be no uncomfortable pressure points from the elastic on swimsuits and showering with soap remove any oils from your skin). After getting settled in the tank it may take a few minutes to figure out the most comfortable position (noodles are provided to support your head, back, or knees).

Inside the tank is pitch black once the door is closed (though you can leave it open or partially open). This allows you to be completely alone with yourself and your thoughts. Floating therapy has shown to help with stress, pain, PTSD, and insomnia among other things. It is also great for pregnant women, and the only time in late pregnancy when a woman can lie on her stomach, while she floats it relieves the pressure on the back muscles.

Usually, during the last twenty minutes of a float, your brain transition from alpha or beta brainwaves to theta, which occurs right before sleep and again upon awakening. The float tank can be used for an extended theta state without falling asleep, which can aid in creativity and problem solving. The more you float, the longer your theta state becomes.

When your time is up soft music starts out quietly and grows louder to let you know. After showering and getting dressed you are invited to hang out and relax in the waiting room. You may feel sleepy after your float.

For the best experience:

  • Let go of any preconceived results or expectations before entering the tank. Just acknowledge that this is going to be an experience and let it happen.

  • Don’t try to force anything. Give yourself permission to explore the tank and get used to it. No matter how much time you’ve spent swimming or meditating, this will be a new experience and it will take time to figure out how to settle in to the environment. Think of an astronaut first learning getting used to zero gravity.

  • Consider a 90 minute first session. This will allow for initial orientation and time to reach a deeper state of relaxation.

  • Avoid caffeine / stimulants of any kind before your float.

  • Don't shave or wax the day you plan to float.

  • Don't float if you're intoxicated, have epilepsy, have serious mental disorders, have open wounds / cuts, have infectious respiratory diseases, have a fresh tattoo (within last month), or fresh hair dye (within last 2 weeks).

  • If you wear contacts you'll remove these before entering that tank, bring a case for them.

  • Consult a doctor before you float if you are pregnant, have kidney problems, diabetes, or are on antibiotics or muscle relaxants.

A float experience is all about centering, relaxing, and hopefully tapping into a place of gratitude.

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It was my first float experience. I read everything about it on their website to prepare myself so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I also knew that I wouldn’t have the most amazing meditation experience on my first float because I understood that it would take some time to get adjusted to the sensory deprivation experience and also I haven’t been meditating regularly.

The water was body temperature so it felt pleasant. The 30% salt water felt amazingly buttery if I can say that. It felt smooth and thick. It took some time to find the most comfortable position. I had to get the small foam noodle to support my neck because my head felt too heavy and it was bothering my neck. I had a small cut on my hand that was stinging so I had to try to get used to that sensation. It took some time to get all the noisy thoughts out of my head. Then I realized that my body was really tight and tense. I’ve been having aches and pains on my shoulders and back. I hadn’t realized I was holding so much stress on my body. It took a lot of effort trying to relax my body and let go of the tension I was holding on to. Finally, I was able to drift off and the music that alerted me that the time was up, came on. It was way too short for me because it took so long to quiet my thoughts. After the float, I was really tired and needed a nap.

I realized during the float that my body is holding on to way too much stress and tension. It was very difficult to relax my body. I’m going to need to float more to let go of the stress and tension that have been causing aches on my body. They have pretty reasonable rates. You can get 10 floats for $399 and you can use them any time or even share with a friend. I’m definitely going to sign up for it and hopefully, I can de-stress and then after that I’ll see if I can get to that deeper meditative state that we all want to achieve.
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I was so excited about my first float at Dream Float Hawaii! I have Fibromyalgia and am always in pain. I have tried many different therapies to try to ease my pain.

After being greeted by a very serene Shawn, he led us down to the float center. It's considered a home-based business, located above Kalani High School with the most amazing views! The vibe of the center is very calm and relaxing. I wasn't too stressed out going into the tank, but I knew that I needed to relax! Shawn explained the process then shut the door to the float room. I undressed, put in some foam ear plugs (make sure you put them in before you shower, they go into a dry ear easier than a wet ear!) and showered with soap. After getting into the tank I laid down and tried to get comfortable, but my head and neck didn't feel right so I grabbed the small noodle and placed it under my head. Perfect!

It took what seemed like forever to get my brain to relax, once it did I felt like I was floating in space, not knowing where I ended and the water began. I am pretty sure that I fell asleep because I had the leg jerk thing happening. The music started playing too soon. I should have done a 90-minute session! After I showered I went back to the waiting room and relaxed. Shawn gave me juice and water to drink. He answered more of my questions and we talked about complementary services that could go along with floating.

My overall pain had gone down and I felt so relaxed. I will definitely be floating again and I would highly recommend this to anyone with pain issues like myself. Geoff and Shawn know what they are doing and the do it well!
Tom T
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I didn’t know what to expect on my first visit to Dream Float Hawaii. My mind conjured up images of the movie “Altered States” where I’d be hooked up to electrodes and suspended in a sealed chamber with an oxygen mask covering my mouth and my body convulsing to the most traumatic of my childhood memories. Well, it’s not quite so dramatic at Dream Float Hawaii.

The business is located in a residential area above Kalani High School. The office has a gorgeous view overlooking the ocean and Diamond Head. We were greeted by the zen, mellow co-owner Shawn. if you felt rattled driving in traffic, or just had a rough day, Shawn’s energy will bring you back to earth.

After a brief orientation on what “float tanks” are all about, Shawn showed me the large tank in a separate room. There is a large, easy to open hatch on the tank, which is filled with about 10 inches of water. Believe it or not, that’s all the water you need to stay buoyant. The float tank is filled with a large concentration of Epsom salt - roughly 10 times more salt than the ocean sea water.

Shawn left me alone in the room to begin my experience. I was instructed to put in earplugs, take a shower, then carefully settle myself into the tank and close the lid. Once inside, it’s total darkness. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. I slowly laid down on my back and just floated on the slightly warmer than body temperature water.

At first, it’s a bit unsettling trying to figure out how to make myself comfortable floating like an astronaut in space. My head did not submerge into the water - it was very buoyant. My hands floated on the surface. Trying to push them down was like pushing a rubber duck down into the bathtub. My hands just popped right back up to the surface. Now it’s time to get used to floating. I’d push my fingers against the wall and gently nudge myself back toward the middle of the tank. I felt like Major Tom floating in zero gravity. Marvelous.

After the novelty of floating subsided, it was time figure out how to comfortably float and relax in a state of sensory deprivation. Time to be alone with my racing thoughts. All the problems from outside came with me into the tank, but they slowly dissolved away once I began to find my breathing.

I remembered my basic breathing exercises from meditation and yoga classes I’ve taken in the past. Deep inhalations through the nose, and exhalation through the mouth. Focusing on breathing and forgetting about the world around me. And ever so slowly, I started to drift into a quiet serene place of relaxation. It was like time traveling - drifting in and out of a semi-conscious state. After 50 minutes or so, I opened my eyes and re-emerged to a conscious state feeling relaxed and peaceful. I stretched as if I was just awakening from bed. Music started piping in to gently let me know that the session was over and it was time to shower up.

After I showered off and headed out of the tank room, the view was beautiful and I felt like a million bucks.

The experience may vary for others, but I felt serene, peaceful, and in a way exhilarated. Unlike my wife who wanted to sleep after her tank experience, I wanted to go outside and see the world with my fresh perspective. Not to throw too many adjectives out there, but I indeed felt energized, clear headed, and uplifted.
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