Honolulu Farmer's Market

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Phone (808) 768-9299
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Address 777 Ward Ave, Honolulu, HI 96814
Farmer's Market at Neal Blaisdell Center.

• Food: Groceries • Food: Organics
• Food: Specialty

Matt Anderson's Take
The Honolulu Farmers Market is located in from of the Concert Hall on the corner of Ward Ave and King St.

Vendors include:
Licious Dishes
Akamai Foods
Son Farm
Great Harvest Bread Co
Madre Chocolate
Small Kine Farm Fung
Honolulu Burger Company
Hanalei Taro Co.
Souane/PIT Farm
Mari's Garden
Cold Fyyre
Sweet Revenge
Waimanalo Country Farms
Aunty Nani's
Ono Pops
Otsuji Farm
La Tour Bakehouse (formerly known as Ba-Le Bakery)
Milner's North Shore Produce Value Wagon
Bonfire Pizza
Petit Suisse Crepes
Onda Pasta
Aikane Plantation Coffee
Pig and The Lady
Guava Smoked
Hawaiian Style Chili Company
Bonfire Pizza
India Cafe
Hawaii Fish Co
Olay Thai
All Hawaiian Honey Coop
Once Again
Ono Kuki
Marine Agrifuture Sea Asparagus
Ahualoa Farms
Akaka Falls Farm/Honomu Jams
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