Makapu'u Tom Tom Trail Hike

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Address 41-150 Kalanianaole Hwy, Waimanalo, HI 96795
Difficult, 6.6 mile long trail that's now illegal to hike.

• General: Cost: Free • General: Photo Opportunity • Hiking: Hiking • Hiking: Length: 5-8 Miles • Hiking: Level: Difficult
• Hiking: Ridge Hike • Sightseeing: Great Views

The Makapu'u Tom Tom Trail Hike is a 6.6 mile long, out and back style hiking trail with 1,200 foot elevation gains in the Waimanalo area of O'ahu.

Unfortunately, because this trail is on private land the trail is completely closed to the public. Ignore this warnings and the "no trespassing" signs and you'll likely get ticketed. It's not worth it. Instead, enjoy our photos here to see what it was all about.

The Makapu'u Tom Tom trail is also known as the Makapu'u Puka Trail because of a puka, or hole, in a large rock along the trail. The hike is a summit ridge trail that starts across the street from Makapuu Lookout. In fact, we strongly suggest coming out to check out the Makapuu Lookout which will offer similar, stunning views without the illegal hike.

Another hike in this area is the Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail which is 1.25 mile long hike (from the parking lot) with 500+ foot elevation gains and spectacular views.

In addition to being an illegal hike, the Makapu'u Tom Tom Trail Hike had other issues as well. First up, it required an illegal road crossing and a chance to get hit by a car not expecting people to dart across their road. Second, it was a common area for Vehicle Theft In Hawaii.

When you could hike this trail you would eventually come across a well defined path with switchbacks that took you up to the ridge. Eventually it will lead to the "puka" which has a great view overlooking Waimanalo and Makapu'u Point Lighthouse Trail.
It was pretty neat and maybe someday they'll allow the public to hike here again (but don't count on it). Until then, we have some cool photos for you to enjoy. Feel free to Photoshop yourself into one of them and it will seem like you were just there!