Autoplex Car Wash

Phone (808) 679-3490
4.5 stars from 1 reviews
Address 1299 Ka Uka Blvd, Unit 94, Waipahu, HI 96797
Popular large car wash near Costco.

• Vehicle Services: Car Wash & Detailing

Tom T
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Too many trips to the North Shore beaches made a muddy sandy mess of my truck. Normally I'd clean the car myself, but this time, I decided to try the Auplex Car Wash in Waipahu. Upon arriving, there was a long line of cars that backed up to the street. A good sign - must be a popular place. I noticed there were around 9 vacuum / cleaning stations - so I figured the wait wouldn't be too long. It took about 15 minutes to actually get to the cashier who sits in a booth and takes your money. I went with the full service "Deluxe Wash" for $21.99. I then ordered the wax seal for another 6 bucks.

After I pulled up to the wash, the attendant told me to "put the car in neutral, turn off radio so antenna is down, and keep my foot off the brake". The automated car was was very thorough - all the brushes and clothes were surprisingly effective at remove the plaque and mud build up on my car. Probably the best drive through car wash I've ever seen.

After coming out of the blow dryer part, I pulled the car around to the interior cleaning area. I was watching as detailers were handling my car - they were giving the car a very thorough once over. It took a long time (about 30 minutes or so), but the car was really clean. I did notice a few sap stains on the hood of the car in which I pointed it out the attendant and he got some special cleaner to remove them. Very helpful.

My experience was very positive at the Autoplex Car Wash. If I were to do anything differently, I'd probably not spend the 6 bucks for wax and just do buff it out with polish when I get home. Will be back again.
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