Clayworks At Kilohana

Phone (808) 246-2529
5 stars from 4 reviews
Address 3-2087 Kaumualii Hwy, Lihue, HI 96766
Shop for pre-made pottery, or make or glaze your own.

• Art / Gallery • Home Furnishings / Decor

Full Description
Clayworks is located at the Kilohana Plantation, towards the back of the property. They sell a huge variety of clay art, home decor items, and various other artsy knick knacks. The selection is large so there is something here for everyone.

Feeling artsy? Adults and kids alike can pick out a pre-made and hardened piece of clay in a variety of shapes and then glaze (paint) them with various colors. Kids will love doing this but it's fun for the whole family and quite reasonable. After you're done glazing they'll fire it in the kiln and let you pick it up in a couple of days or they can ship it to you (probably the smart move). No reservations are needed for this.

Not artsy enough you say? Would you rather go hands on and make your own art from a lump of clay? They offer classes where you can turn your own pottery on a spinning wheel! I'm sure Ghost fans will want to download Unchained Melody to their cellphones for the ultimate pottery experience. This activity does require advanced reservations.

Time for a fun fact! When you first walk in you may be greeted by a super friendly (and super furry) local celebrity. I'm sure you know exactly who I am referring to, right? Captain Terrific of course! Okay, so anyone outside of this area (us included) will have no idea who that is but Captain Terrific is a cat. He's super friendly and we're told that he got his name because he had a lightening bolt shaped fur patch when he was little (giving him a superhero look).

He's very friendly and a hit with the kids and has been featured in the local newspaper a few times (see, a celebrity!). You can show your kids as much culture on the islands as you want but this is the kind of stuff they'll remember for years to come.

Dorothy A
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This is a wonderful store to pick up souvenir from but you can also make your own clay items and paint them. The staff will then fire them and ship them to you. I wish we had done that looking back, but we did get a few souvenirs from their shop at least.
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They have lots of fun pots, tiles, and other clay items that you can glaze and pick up a few days later. we had fun glazing tiles and learning about the family that owns Clayworks and the animals that roam around. I would definitely recommend doing this at the beginning of your trip so you don't have to pay to ship your item home.
Matt A
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Although they have some pretty neat art pieces to browse here, being able to turn some pottery or glaze some clay is the real star here. My kids had a blast glaze some pre-made clay pieces so this was basically the highlight of their latest Kauai trip. The three ladies (sisters) who run the place are great at showing the kids (and adults) what to do and just all around good people. Make or glaze a piece and they'll fire it in the kiln (a 24-48 hour process) and then you can pick it up or have it shipped to your home.
Consensus Guy
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Clayworks At Kilohana received an overall rating of 4 stars from a handful of reviews.
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