Lihue Airport (Lih)

Phone (808) 274-3800
4 stars from 4 reviews
Address 3901 Mokulele Loop, Lihue, HI 96766
Kauai's main airport with inter island flight between some of the other Hawaiian islands.

• Transportation: Airport

Full Description
Lihue Airport carries the airport code LIH and located on Kauai's east shore and offers interisland service to some of the other Hawaiian islands.

It's a fairly small airport and does not serve as a hub for any airlines. It has two runways and one helipad.

There aren't many food options inside other than Mea Inu Bar & Grill and a Starbucks so you may want to eat before arriving.

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Very nicely organized, mostly open air, airport. Has some interesting Hawaii artifacts. Runway is quite short so be prepared for low ocean views and a quick, short landing. Be prepared to be entertained by the delightful chickens of Kauai, literally everywhere. Traffic can be busy especially if you head west. Lots of good car rentals and or bus service.
Jennie S
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The Lihue airport is fairly small in size and that is okay! It makes nice actually. The flight landing in Kauai was very smooth, as was taking off to go to another island. There are plenty of options to grab food and it has a nice outdoor area to sit at. It has everything an airport should have!
rachel m
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I took an evening flight on Delta out of the Lihue airport. It was pretty busy for being 7:30 at night. The TSA went pretty quick even with 2 kids, a stroller and carry-ons. One thing I don't really like about this airport is the open air areas. It was just uncomfortable and hot! Yuck! I would prefer AC like most other airports. But this is Hawaii and most of the outer island airports I have been to are open air.
Consensus Guy
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Most people like this airport so it gets a better than average overall rating.

Many would agree that it's very small and usually not too crowded and not far to walk.

On the downside, there are a lot of people who complain about the unusually long TSA security lines at this airport which take way longer than most other airports for some reason so be sure to arrive early!
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