Kahului Airport (Ogg)

Phone (808) 872-3830
3.5 stars from 5 reviews
Address 1 Kahului Airport Rd, Kahului, HI 96732
Maui's main airport located in the city of Kahului with airport code OGG.

• Transportation: Airport

Full Description
If you flew to Maui from the mainland or another island then chances are good this is the airport you used. It's Maui's main airport and located at the north end of central Maui in the city of Kahului.

It's not a big airport but not overly tiny either and it tends to get crowded here. With that in mind, plan to arrival with plenty of time to get through the security checkpoints when you're leaving the island.

Transportation counters can also be slow here. Expect very slow lines to get your rental car if you aren't a preferred club member for your car company. For another take on this, read our reviews of Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar Rent a Car.

There are a few quick dining options in the airport so if you need a bite before your flight you'll likely find something that will fill your belly, like California Pizza Kitchen.

Curious as to why this airport has the code of OGG? Turns out that the airport is paying homage to Bertram J. Hogg who was an aviation pioneer who worked for what became Hawaiian Airlines. I think HOG wouldn't have been a better code but it's a neat little story anyhow.

Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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The main issue here can be the TSA wait times which can be longer than any other airport I've been to except LAX. They're that bad. The TSA is embarrassingly (for them) bad at this airport but it's possible things are starting to get better here.

Other things that are pretty bad here including the transportation options. I'm including everything from the shuttle bus to get to your rental destination to the rental car companies. It's as if the transportation companies don't know how to handle a plane load of people all at once even though planes tend to dump a lot of people off all at once all day long and have been doing this for years here.

Overall, this airport just feels old in how it looks and how it is run and is in need of a major upgrade in how it looks and operates.
Lisa F
Joined: Jan 2017
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Super fabulous and easy airport to meander around in. So fantastic to fly into and out of. Although, the later is not something to be happy about. Rental car place is a little twisty to find your way to when returning a car. Could be because of the construction going on. However, they do need to work on providing some more places that are open later for those of us who have night flights. The bathrooms could definitely be updated, but not bad for an island airport.
Vickey W
Joined: Mar 2017
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Flying in from CVG this was our airport stop. Smaller than most airports I am used to. Being open outdoors in nice but on hot days can get troublesome. Flowers and grounds are nicely kept up. Getting luggage went slow and was crowded when we got there. Upon departure it is another story, do not expect the check ins to be open until the time they state so you wait in a line with all your luggage in the heat and very few seats. Departures both times we were in Maui were delayed. TSA was slow but good.
Paul &
Joined: Mar 2016
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Coming from Canada and the cold, first impression on arriving is wonderful. It is an open terminal, warm, and you can smell the flowers. I found everything fairly well organized and was able to get to my rental car fairly quickly. Leaving, not so great!! Don't arrive early as there are very few, if any places to sit in the departure area so you are forced to sit on the floor or stand with your luggage until you get through security. Both times we traveled to Maui we found the TSA staff efficient and friendly and the process of getting through security fairly painless.
Jennie S
Joined: Mar 2016
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The Kahului airport is wonderful. It is a little more "crowded" than I imagined, but it was very easy to navigate once you got inside. To drop your car off at the rental places took a few extra minutes because you have to drive around a complete circle, but it was still a good experience.
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