Hurricane Flossie / Tropical Storm Flossie

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Flossie is currently a Tropical Storm with max winds of 63 MPH (81 MPH gusts) and has slowed enough to no longer be a hurricane. It's still far from the islands, around 1,500 miles from Pearl Harbor on Oahu but headed towards the islands at 18 MPH. Current forecasts suggests that Flossie will remain a Tropical Storm as it approaches the islands later next week.
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Tropical Storm Flossie is currently around 600 miles east of Pearl Harbor on Oahu and moving west at 13 MPH. Maximum sustained winds are at 40 MPH with gusts up to 52 MPH. Flossie is expected to continue weakening over the next few days as it approaches the islands but there is still a good chance this one will bring a lot of wind and rain to the islands around Monday and Tuesday.
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