Lihue, Hawaii

Lihue is located on the southeast shore of Kauai. It's name means "cold chill" in Hawaiian. It is the largest city in Kauai.
Lihue became the central center on the island in the early 1800's with the emergence of the sugar industry and the construction of a sugar mill. A successive owner, Paul Isenberg helped German emigrants to Lihue in 1881 by building the first the first Lutheran church in Hawaii in 1883.

Subsequent owner George Norton Wilcox became one of the largest plantation owners in the 1930's by buying Grove Farm, another sugar plantation owned by German immigrant Hermann A. Widemann. The Wilcox home Kilohana, is now a gift shop and restaurant. The surrounding land now keeps livestock and grows crops.

A vintage diesel locomotive offers tours of the plantation.

You will find the Kauai Museum here. It was once an library that was built in 1924.

Some beaches here are Kalapaki Beach. Nukoli'i Beach Park, and Hanama'ulu Beach Park.
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